The Show Must Go OnLINE

2020 has been challenging for everyone!

For Darley Dance Productions it has been devastating. One scary week back in March spelled out our fate for the rest of the year when all of our shows and events got cancelled one after another.

The future of the business is unsure and we don’t know what we will face when we try and get back up again in 2021.

For now we are choosing not to go down without a fight. We want one last attempt to end 2020 on a high!

We want to produce The Christmas Show Online.

We want to give our audiences something wonderful to watch this Christmas from the safety of their own homes and we want to give our performers a pay check!

We can’t do this without your help!

Please take a minute to go and check out our Crowdfunder page and find out more. This is an all or nothing campaign so if we don’t raise the funds that we need then every penny will be returned and the show won’t go ahead.

Please help us hit our target and click on the image below.