Georgia Harris

Production Assistant


Georgia has been with Darley Dance since the beginning. When she moved to Derby she joined Woodlands Dance and quickly became a key member of the troupe, working hard and putting herself forward for as many events as possible.

Georgia loves being in the spotlight and has a real flair for performance so when Darley Dance began doing events, despite Georgia being younger than the other dancers, she was always determined to be involved and gained a huge amount of experience very early on.

She also showed a natural affinity towards working in events and quickly became a very popular member of our team. She is never afraid to get involved and does a great job motivating a team and lifting morale even during tired long hours.

After school Georgia went on to study drama at the University of Lincoln where she set up a theatre production company and was elected President of the Musical Theatre Society.

Once she graduated Georgia returned to Derby and began working as a wedding and events co-ordinator at Shottle Hall before taking some time off to travel South-East Asia.

We are happy to welcome Georgia back to Darley Dance Productions as we know that she will bring enthusiasm and passion to everything she does.