Steph Brown

Team Leader & Dance Captain


Steph joined Darley Dance in 2014 after auditioning to join the team for our Christmas season. She was immediately a favourite in the audition and quickly became a popular member of the team.

Steph has danced her whole life and has trained in many disciplines. Ballet is her specialist technique although if you asked her then it’d probably be 1920s style dancing that she’d want to do on a daily basis! After training for years, Steph went on to teach at her dance school and enjoys working with a number of different groups.

After joining Darley Dance Steph became friendly with another of our dancers who runs her own performing arts school. Steph joined the Laura Pyatt School of Performing Arts as a teacher and choreographer.

As well as her teaching Steph does as many professional dance jobs as she can fit in around her day job as an office manager.

Steph has taken on more responsibility with Darley Dance and after Abbi was injured in 2016 she went on to lead many rehearsals and team lead at a number of events. She is not only a strong dancer but also a great leader and knows how to look after her team well.

The girls in the Darley Dance team like Steph to be positioned front and centre because they find her calm confidence reassuring. They know that if they go blank a quick glance at Steph will get them back on track.This is such an important role in a dance troupe! She is also always reliable and dependable whilst willing to try new challenges.

We’re so glad that we found Steph and we’re very happy to have her front and centre at our events!