Our Future

2018 will see Darley Dance turn 10 years old and will see our name change from Darley Dance to Darley Dance Productions. We’ve spent a lot of time this year looking back and celebrating all of the wonderful things that we have done but we are also excited to look to the future.

A decade in dance is a huge milestone and we want to be sure that as we go into the next 10 years we are taking with us the best of what we have created.

We hope that our pro-cheerleaders will have a more prominent role in our company as we know that what we have to offer is exciting and strong. We would love for our professional cheerleaders to go from strength to strength and be shaking their poms for years to come.

We absolutely love working with our First Dance couples and despite giving up all of our other private classes we won’t be giving up our First Dance classes anytime soon. It’s always great to work with couples in person and our private classes are available to book now but as we move into the next chapter of Darley Dance Productions we would also like to offer our online First Dance courses for those of you who can’t get to us in person.

You may be wondering where our showgirls have gone or what happened to our princesses but don’t worry as they’re still here. Whilst we won’t be offering private princess parties any more then our princesses and showgirls will appear in our Christmas Show. We can’t wait to share some festive fun with you!

As we hit this fantastic milestone we also want to take you behind the scenes and invite all you dancers and budding dancers out there to see what life is really like as a professional freelance dancer. We will be sharing everything we can on our blog, vlog and you tube channel.

We also want to share our knowledge even further by offering some great online courses aimed at dancers. Our first course is online now! Launch Your Dance Career With Clarity & Confidence.

It’s a thrilling time ahead for Darley Dance Productions and we would like to take this chance to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last 10 years and also to anyone who is excited to join us for the future!

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