Frequently Asked Questions About Our Christmas Show Auditions


Our Christmas Production is a festive variety show that includes an eclectic mix of numbers from festive faves & traditional carols to musical theatre and showgirl dances.


Can I audition to be part of The Christmas Show?

If you have performance experience and are over the age of 18 as of 1st September 2019 then yes you can apply. Please ensure that you are available to audition on June 22nd 2019.


How do I apply?

All you need to do is send your CV and recent headshot to


What if I don’t have a CV?

If you don’t have a performance CV then you can either put one together using our guidelines in this video or you can download our application form, fill it in and return it to us instead.







What if I don’t have a headshot?

If you don’t have a professional headshot then please use a recent, clear, head and shoulders photo of you instead. It doesn’t have to be professional as long as it is good quality and we can see what you look like.


What should I wear to audition?

If you are dancing then wear something that you can dance in! We will often say “dress to impress” and by this we mean don’t just wear all black. Wear something that shows us a bit of personality. Be sure to bring all of your dance shoes with you and a bottle of water.

If you are auditioning as a singer then wear something that you are comfortable in. We may ask you to do a little movement so don’t wear anything too restrictive.


Will I need to prepare a dance for the audition?

No, all choreography is taught at the audition.


Will I need to prepare a song for the audition?

Yes, if you would like to be considered for a solo singing role then please prepare a song. You can either sing a cappella or with a backing track. There won’t be a pianist at the auditions on this occasion.


Can I just turn up to the audition?

No, you will need to have a registered place at the audition. You can get one by sending your CV and headshot to


Do I need to bring anything to the audition?

We recommend that you bring some water and a snack to audition as it can be a long afternoon.

Dancers please be sure to bring your dance shoes and singers be sure to bring a backing track if needed.

Please also bring your diary so that if you are successful we can check your availability.


Is this a paid role?

Yes this is a paid role. More information about pay will be discussed at the audition as pay may vary depending on role.


When will rehearsals take place?

Rehearsals will take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from September.


Why are rehearsals evening and not daytime?

Whilst this is a professional company and this is a paid role we want to be open to all performers. We know that there are so many talented professional performers out there and we have the privilege of working with them all the time! We want to offer great work to professional performers and we will constantly try to make that happen so that people who are working on a professional level want to work with us.


However there are also a lot of very talented performers working their way up in the amateur community who haven’t taken the leap to go professional. If we spread our rehearsals out and do evenings then we open our doors to more performers and will hopefully find the best talent in Derbyshire!


“Every professional was once an amateur” – Alexander Pope


This structure doesn’t affect pay as it is the same number of hours as we would’ve done had we done day rehearsals but they are just spread out.


We do understand that doing it this way makes it more challenging for performers who are further away but we are keen to find local performers and for this year we are going to try this structure and see how it works.


Do I have to be at every rehearsal?

As a general rule yes. There may be rehearsals that you will not be required for and you may book off certain rehearsal dates if you are away etc. but generally you will be required for rehearsals.


Do I have to be in Derbyshire or the East Midlands?

No you don’t have to be in Derbyshire, however, please understand that you will be required for regular rehearsals in Derby so you must be willing to travel.


What if I am not East Midlands based but I have been invited to audition?

When people apply to us from further afield especially on things like Star Now we try to make it as clear as possible that we are looking for local performers. We know that many of you will put your location as London and perhaps you are from Derby/Nottingham/East Midlands, or the surrounding area, so you have a second base here. We used to only accept applications from a certain radius around us but kept being told by performers that this was unfair.


We were told that performers were either keen to travel to be involved or they had another base in the area. We found that both us as a company and performers were missing out due to a misunderstanding about location.


We now rely on the fact that we make it clear where we are based and it is then up to the performer whether or not that is too far for them to travel or whether they have a base that is more convenient for them.


Is there any allowance for travel expenses?

No. This is another key reason that we are looking for people who are local.


When are the performances?

Our performances will take place at 2 separate venues from 9th December -15th December 2019. There may also be other promotional performances in the lead up to the show.